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Marriage is a beautiful  commitment but that doesn't mean it's always perfect. When you and your partner are struggling to stay on the right track, we can help you work through the process.

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Help your relationship stay the course

  • Evaluation of relationship difficulties

  • Developing new communication strategies

  • Addressing lost interest and connection issues

  • Improving listening skills

  • Breaking free from destructive relationship cycles

  • Establishing common interests

  • Goal and belief alignment

Even the strongest long term relationships can become strained at times, but with the help of a professional counselor, you can work through the issues that threaten your happiness together. Counselor Kristy Mitchell works with couples to determine the problems in your relationship and work together to apply a range of professional techniques and communication strategies to help you settle the troubles facing your relationship.

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"Kristy saved our marriage.  We are so glad we found her. Thank you!" - Anonymous

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