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Counseling With Compassion

Did you know that 10% of Americans report experiencing depression? If you are one of them, you're not alone. With our help, you can get the compassionate, caring counseling from Kristy Mitchell LPC.

Our services include:

Explore the best possible treatment

  • Empathetic professional evaluation

  • Identification of source issues

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques

  • Internal and external conflict resolution

  • Soothing therapeutic relationship

  • Grief counseling

  • Finding meaning in a client’s life

  • Changing harmful behaviors

  • Establishing healthy new behaviors

Difficult emotions can leave you feeling trapped and hopeless, but counselor Kristy Mitchell is trained to help you break free from their feelings of confinement in order to establish healthy new lifestyles. Instead of bearing the weight of your own private burden, get the professional assistance you deserve.

Don't let depression take you down

Today's the day to feel better. When you're looking for a professional counselor, we're eager to help you make a difference for your health.

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