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Counseling With Compassion

Do you worry frequently? Are you constantly looking for a way to unwind and relax? Do you find yourself tensing up in high-stress situations? When you're looking for a better way, no one can help you embrace stress like Kristy Mitchell LPC!

Our services include:

Handle your anxiety with ease

  • Empathetic professional evaluation

  • Identification of source issues

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques

  • Treatment for phobias and apprehension

  • Professional coping techniques and relaxation exercises

  • Utilizing visualization techniques

Long-term or sudden-onset anxiety can be a debilitating feeling, but therapeutic counseling services can help alleviate apprehension and prevent future occurrences from occurring. Kristy Mitchell combines her natural empathy with years of professional training to determine the source of your distress, and then works with you to help you overcome any issue you may be having.

Keep your feelings calm

Anxiety doesn't have to stand in the way of your life. With our assistance, you can feel better, sooner.

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